Amigurumi Tarçın Doll Free Crochet Pattern

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Great pattern, Tarçın Doll. You can follow our website for new pattern.



ch: chain

sc: single crochet

inc: increase

dec: decrease

hdc: half double crochet

dc: double crochet


1. magic ring 6sc

2. 6 inc 12 sc

3. (sc, inc) * 6-18sc

4. (2sc, inc) * 6-24sc

5. (3sc, inc) * 6-30sc

6-7-8. 30sc

9. 5dec, 20sc-25sc

10. 4dec, 17sc-21sc

11. 3dec, 15sc-18sc.

12. 2dec, 14sc-16sc


13. Blo 16sc

14. 7sc, dec, 7sc-15sc

15-16. 15sc

NOTE: Shoes and socks weave as part of the leg weave.


17. blo 7sc, dec, 6sc-14sc

18-29 (12 lines) – 14sc

30. flo 14sc

31-35 (5 rows) 14sc

BODY (Shorts continued)

*** Combine two legs with 4 ch.

36. 14sc, 4sc, 14.4sc- 36sc

37. (6sc, inc) .5-440sc

38. 41sc

39. (5sc, inc) .6,5sc- 47sc

40-41. 47 Sc

42.Secreting from the edges 45sc

43.String from the edges 43sc


46. ​​flo 43sc

*** T-shirt color.


47. 43sc

48. 21sc, dec, 20sc-42sc

49.Strend from the edges – 40sc

50th subtraction – 38sc

51-52. 38sc

Subtraction from the 53rd edge – 36sc

Subtract from the 54th edges – 34sc

Subtraction from the 55th edge-32sc


Subtract from the 57th edges-30 sc

58. Subtraction from the edges-28sc

59. Subtraction from the edges-6sc

A total of 4 subtractions from the 60-edges (sc, dec, sc, dec) -22sc

61-62. 22sc


1. magic ring 6sc

2. 12sc

3-5 (3 lines). 12sc

6. 4sc, dec, 4sc, dec-10sc

7-16 (11 lines). 10 SC 

17-18. white color 10sc

19-21 (3 rd). Yellow color 10sc

22.6sc, dec-9 SC

Arm body combination

63. 4sc, 5sc, 4sc, 7sc-20sc

64. taking body and arm dec, 5sc over arm, arm and body dec, 4sc, arm and body dec, 5sc, 5sc-22sc

65. dec, 4sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc-19sc

66. dec, 3sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc-15sc

67. dec, 8sc, dec, 2sc-12sc

68. white rope with flo 12sc

NOTE: If you have difficulty in arm and body combination, you can sew the arms later or you can continue to knit the arms with the needle.

Transition to skin color;

69.Blo 12sc



1. magic ring 6sc

2. 12sc

3. (sc, inc) .6-18sc

4. (2sc, inc) .6-24c

5. (3sc, inc) .6-30sc

6. (4sc, inc) .6- 36sc

7. ( .6-442sc

8. (6sc, inc) .6-48sc

9-17 (9 rows) – 48sc,

18. 10sc, (sc, inc) .5,7sc, (sc, inc) .5,11sc-58sc

19.-23 (5 lines) – 58sc

24. 10sc, (dec, sc) .5,7sc, (dec, sc) .5,11sc-48sc

25. (7sc, dec) .5, 3sc-43sc

26. (6sc, dec) .5, 3sc-38sc

27. (5sc, dec) .5, 3sc-33sc

28. (4sc, dec) .5,3sc-28sc

29. (3sc, dec) .5, 3sc-23sc

30. (2sc, dec) .5, 3sc-18sc

31. (sc, dec) .5-12sc

We combine and sew with govde.

10 mm locking eyes 15-16. He’il be in line.


1. magic ring 8sc

2.8inc 16sc

3. (sc, inc) .8-24sc

4. (2sc, inc) .8- 32sc

5. 32sc

6. (3sc, inc) .8-40sc

7. 40sc

8. (4sc, inc) .8-48sc

9. (5sc, inc) .8-54sc

10.40sc, dec 12sc-53sc

11.35sc, dec16sc-52sc

12.30sc, dec 20sc-51sc

13.25sc, dec 24sc-50sc

14.20sc, dec 28sc-49sc

15.15sc, dec 32sc-48sc

NOTE: Do not forget to try the cinnamon baby’s head occasionally when knitting.

Front of the hat

1. Return to 15sc (without making ch)

2. Back to 14sc (without making ch)

3.Back to 13sc

4.Back to 12sc

5.Back to 11sc

6.Back to 10sc


then sc around the hat.

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