Amigurumi Doll Pafuli Free Pattern

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You can follow the owner of the pattern for the dress video and detailed photos. @Alahandmade


-Alize Cotton Gold for body and clothing

-Hair Alize Extra

-12 mm black safety eye

-3 small buttons

-30 cm plastic coated copper wire


Mr- Magic Ring

Ch- chain

sc- Sc

dec – decrement

inc- increase

() * 6- repeat the brackets 6 times

w- 3 tight needles in the same loop

sl st- merge

cc- shift- half frequent needle

knitting m- 3 tight needles at the same time

w- knit 3 tight needles into one tight needle

dc- handrail

hdc- half railing


1. Mr 5sc

2.5inc = 10sc



5.Let’s finger, (on my video page), 9sc

6.M, 7sc = 8sc

7.25. (19 rows) = 8sc

Let’s tie the wire to the arms. Let’s fill it up, though not over-inflating.


8ch, come back,

3. From the chain;

1.5sc, w, 4sc, inc = 1 4sc

2.INC, 4sc, 3inc, 4sc, 2inc = 20sc



5.5sc, 4dec, 7sc = 16sc

6.4sc, 3dec, 4sc, dec = 12sc

7. 21. (15 rows) = 12sc

We will continue to knit a torso from the 2nd leg.


1.6sc, 8ch, 12sc, 8sc over chain, 6sc,


2. 7. (6 rows) 40sc

1. (inc, 4sc) * 8 = 48sc



4. Ten blo 48sc

5. 22. (11 rows) = 48sc

If you want to use lace on the waist, you can place a direct lace where there is cc and knit it.


23sc, 4sc with sleeve loops, 20sc, 4sc with sleeve loops, 19sc

24. 48sc

25. (dec, 4sc) * 8 = 40sc

26. (dec, 3sc) * 8 = 32sc

27. (dec, 2sc) * 8 = 24sc


29.32th Ten (4th row) – 24sc

(First we tape the wire we placed inside, then fold it in half and tape it again. We are tying a strong rope that will not break.)

33. (dec, 3sc) * 4 = 20sc – to the end of the wire we folded in half

Let’s tie a sturdy rope to secure the head.

20sc orelim should be about 10 rows until the wire is closed.

Then let’s decrease and close

(dec, 2sc) * 5 = 15sc

(dec, sc) * 5 = 10sc

5dec = 5sc – let’s collect and close the loops. Stabilizer rope will stay out.


1. Mr 6sc

2.6inc = 12sc

3. (inc, sc) * 6 = 18sc

4. (inc, 2sc) * 6 = 24sc

5. (inc, 3sc) * 6 = 30sc

6. (inc, 4sc) * 6 = 36sc

7. (inc, 5sc) * 6 = 42sc

8. (inc, 6sc) * 6 = 48sc

9. (inc, 7sc) * 6 = 54sc

10. (inc, 8sc) “6 = 60sc

11. (inc, 9sc) * 6 = 66sc

12. 66sc

13. (inc, 10sc) “6 = 72sc

14. 33. (20 rows) = 72sc –

Let’s wear eyes on the 23rd and 24th row, leaving 10sc distance between them.

– (dec, 10sc) * 6 .. Let’s continue to reduce it until it is 30. And let’s say 10 rows of 30sc. We’ll insert the extension in the head.

Let’s put in the last 10 rows.


5ch, return, from the 2nd loop;

Let’s make hdc, 2dc, 1 ch, cc and finish the long thread for sewing.


Mr 8dc – let’s stitch the eyes 10 rows to the side of the loop we attached.


Let’s put the rope on the 12th row of the head and knit a needle until the end of the row.

Let’s attach the hair strands we cut to the length we want, to the right and left loops of the dense needle we knit in the middle of the head. Let’s finish left and right until the end. We will sew the hair up to the ear as in the picture.

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