Amigurumi Pig Sophie Free Crochet Pattern

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We share the amigurumi pig sophie pattern with you. You can browse our website for beautiful patterns.

For Sophie, yarn jeans, cotton gold, or 100% cotton are suitable.

Hook number 2. The height of the toy is 16 cm.


Sc – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

DC- Double Crochet

İnc- İncrease

Dec- Decrease

SL-ST – connecting column



Brown color:

1r. 6 sc into magic ring

2 pp.: 6 inc (12)

3 pp.: (Inc., Sc) * repeat 3 times (15)

4-6r .: 15 sc

Change the color to pink:

7-17 pp.: 15 sc.

SL-ST., Cut the thread, hide the tip.

We knit the second leg in the same way, but we do not cut the thread but continue to knit the body.


1p.: Dial 10 ch from the second leg, start knitting 15 sc on the left paw (1 sc, it’s also connecting, count the beginning of the row, put a marker on it), 10 sc on the chain, 15 sc on the right paw, 10 sc on the chain (fifty)

2-32r: 50 sc

33р .: one decrease on each side of the body (48)

34 p.: (Dec., 6 sc) * repeat 6 times. (42)

35r-36r .: 42 sc

37p: (dec., 5 sc) * repeat 6 times (36)

38 pp.: 36 sc.

39р .: knit sc to the right side (i.e., we knit sc in front and completely back and stop)

Fold and knit the edges together as follows: 2 ch, DC, HDC, sc to the end, except for the last 3 loops. We knit them like this: HDC, DC, DC. So we closed the toy and formed 2 ears. Cut the thread and hide it inside.


Brown color

1p: 6 sc into magic ring

2p: 6 inc (12)

3-4r: 12 sc

Change the color to pink

5-9p: 12 sc

10p: inc, 5 sc, inc, 5 sc (14)

11p: 14 sc

12p: inc, 13 sc (15)

13-19r: 15 sc

Hands to fill in half. Fold the edges together and knit them together with the sc family. Cut the thread, leaving the tip for sewing. Similarly, we knit the second foot.


1p: 6 sc into magic ring

2p: 6 inc (12)

3p: (inc, 1 sc) * repeat 6 times (18)

4p: (inc, 2 sc) * 6 repeat 6 times (24)

5p: 24 sc behind the back wall

6p: 24 sc. Cut the thread, leaving the tip. Embroider black nostrils on a patch of black.


Dial 12 ch. We knit 2 HDC in each loop of the chain, starting with the second from the hook. Cut the thread, leaving a long tip.


Sew a patch, slightly stuffing it with it. Embroider the eyes with the back needle stitch. We sew the handles (see photo), placing the edge slightly diagonally, so that the paws converge in front. The hooves must also be grabbed in front with a pair of stitches. Sew a ponytail. We hide all the ends inside the body.


Cut the gum length equal to the circumference of the body. We cut the stripe into strips: 2-3 cm wide, the length is the height of the skirt times 2. We fold the strip in half and tie it with an elastic band.


it is better to initially cut off the stripes a couple of cm longer, because the tutu skirt is short, and it will be more convenient to tie it, and then cut it to the desired length on the finished skirt.

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